Monday, August 22, 2011

I looked around etsy today and saw a lot of sellers that sold beautiful art dolls and it inspired me to try some clay work again. I have done some little clay stuff in the past about twice, so I am amateur at best. While I was painting the eyes, the little figure fell in the red paint and I had to clean it off, Needless to say I am not too good with small handywork.

I started sculpting the polymer clay and added holes where the eyes and
lips should be, the lips turned out a bit wonky so I took them out.

I used fabric paint because I do not have as many acrylic paints to work
with, but they did fine.

Painted the cheeks, the nose, the lips, and the eyes and added freckles.

I added felt for the hair and cut out some purple felt in the shape
of a bow. I glued it to the base of the head. Thats all!.

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