Monday, September 26, 2011

I worked on a shoot this Saturday , after having been at a concert and coming back at 3 in the morning to sleep it off. Well anyways I was determined to go ahead with the shoot regardless since I had everything together and I hate rescheduling more than anything. We faced some troubles along the way including car problems, weather problems but we made it.

My inspiration was from a Teen Vogue shoot featuring two models from different ethnicities in winter ethnic wear. Except my take was more fancy and more leaning into fall/autumn wear. I use mood boards only for the purpose of explaining myself visually but it always ends up looking different. Anyways, so glad I got to update my portfolio with something different.

Models: Hillary Choo & Toria Nichole
Makeup Artists : Stephanie C & Tabesha Johnson
Wardrobe Styling & Photography : Me

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