Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Last Friday I set out to take a series of photos for Bal Harbor Magazine which is doing an interview piece featuring the Jewelry designer, Andrea. She designed all the beautiful rings and necklaces and cuffs in the photos bellow. We had a huge team including myself, hair & makeup, wardrobe stylist, assistant, clothing designer and the jewelry designer herself.

Having such a big team of people makes the work load lighter but it is also stressful to get people working together on the same page. Either way, we had a beautiful location and I was able to try out the new camera i had purchased (canon 5d). I cant wait to start testing again :].

Photographer : Me
Model: Nedege (Wilhemina)
Makeup and Hair : Paris Wimbley
Wardrobe Styling: Melissa Renee
Fashion Designer : Patricia Valery
Jewelry Designer: Andrea

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