Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Today we embarked on a road trip from Miami to St.Petersburg , about 200 miles , 4 hours going and 4 hours back approximately. We went to visit the Salvador Dali Museum which has a ton of his original works displayed. The museum was quite amazing, with a tour of the much bigger paintings and little tidbits about it. They also had a huge section with his illustration work and photos. I took mainly film photos, which i will develop soon. Anyways here are some photos taking during the process..

LinkWe took the scenic route where we could see the Everglades and huge fields.

In the car, on our way there.

We got to a part where the roads were much smaller and so full of forests.

Many of the roads we passed were filled with horses, cows and farms.

Finally arrived to St.Petersburg in front of the museum.

Kathy. The day was super windy and cold, super surprising for Florida.

Kathy and I in front of the museum.

On our way back, the sky was a stretched out rainbow over the water.

The sky was filled with stars ♥

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