Monday, September 10, 2012


Last week I went out to take some pictures , it was somewhere around 6pm that I took these and the sun was going down and it was cloudy and overcast. I initially wanted to get the sundown and a little bit of the golden sun but it was gone due to the clouds. But nevertheless, I also like the darker sundown colors that emits a dark blue and purple color, resembling moonlight. The greenery also becomes  fiercer and it has an aura of beautiful darkness. I tried to play with that on these pictures, sort of a dark isolated feel that I love to capture once in a while. I am a bit rusty at self portraits because I hardly ever do them, but it always feels inspiring when I do. Id like to say that I learn a bit more working on self portraits than I do take other peoples portraits because theres more room to explore and try new things.

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