Wednesday, November 7, 2012

This past weekend me and the boy and a friend set out on a trip to go thrifting. We started out of course, in Miami and gradually went up north to Margate, Coral Springs and finally to Delray Beach. We hit up a couple of thrift stores on the way and went to an uhm, interesting, part of town. We stayed in the car at night and slept till morning and headed back. I am hoping to go a bit farther on our next road trip and find even more hidden treasures. Shoot post coming very soon! Also, these were taken with my old Rebel xti.

Morning sun, so beautiful.

Vintage goodness!. 

Strange hidden farms and small towns.

Some of the goodies i was able to find, a vintage peach phone, tons of teacups, floral vintage bathing suits, film rolls and sweet dresses.

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