Wednesday, April 4, 2012

So about 2 weeks i had the opportunity to shoot for an dinner party event at night and the house was drop dead gorgeous and I am going to be sharing you some of the photos. I do have a couple of shoots coming up which I am in the process of planning so i will be showing those as well when I shoot them. Anyways, the decoration for the event was really beautiful and classy so naturally I wanted to share a bit of the photos I took.

I got myself a new flash (Canon Speedlite 270EX) I have a link right there if you want to purchase it. It is a nice little flash for people like me who don't use flash at all but need one for night time photos or events. It takes 2 double AA batteries and is pretty quick. I was going to purchase another one from a different company but Canon was the way to go. Anyways, it helped with taking photos at night so I think its a great little flash to add to my kit. None of these are taken with the flash and were around 500-1000 iso.

They had beautiful arrengements and little white lights everywhere.

The house itself had a pond full of huge koy fish.

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  1. This place is amazing, and as always your pictures are breath taking! Always an inspiration :)