Monday, March 12, 2012

About 2 or 3 weeks ago i saw a little fair by my house and i became obsessed with the idea of taking pictures in a festival/fair. Unfortunately the fair closed because it was only for one weekend (friday,saturday,sunday). But luckily for me it was actually fair season over here so there were about 5 more small fairs after that one so i knew i had to shoot it soon. For the styling i picked up some of my own wardrobe with a mix of things I specially bought for the shoot like the bathing suit and the one piece and the burgundy skirt. I wanted it to be fun and effortless so i didnt grab any jewelry or too much accessories.

We shot it around 2pm and the sky looked a bit dreary so i was definitely scared. It cleared up even though there were a lot of visible clouds. Then later on the light turned super lovely and even, so i had to do very minimal editing nothing but curves. Anyways we had a fun time shooting these and scouting out the little festival and blowing bubbles and pretty much making a fool of ourselves in front of the ride people and vendors.

Photography/Styling : Me | Makeup : Courtney Rivera | Model : Ali Collier @ Wilhelmina


  1. The girl is so pretty! nice pictures:)

  2. beautiful photos! I love that the model has a different expression for each photo. :)

  3. Love it! You take amazing pictures!