Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sometimes out of the spur of the moment I get urges to cook and sometimes, not all the times, I actually do it. First thing I wanted to try is the Loaded Potato and Bacon Soup, which yes, is just as good as it sounds. I have been craving and wanting to make it for quite a while, ever since I ordered some from Ihop a week ago. I looked up the recipe and bought a few of the ingredients I needed, which weren't many. Anyways it tasted absolutely yummy. What you need is .. potatoes, milk, chicken broth, butter, onions, bacon, and i like to add some chopped garlic as well.

If you have never tried it, do so!. Its extremely filling and yummy, a great recipe for days inside the house. Anyways on another note, I took some photos of my little girl, who is growing up a lot and changing. Its funny because inside the house her pupils are enlarged and she looks adorable but outside in the sun her pupils are tiny and she looks much older. I am not very thrilled to have her grow up but I am sure she is still going to be adorable regardless.

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