Monday, April 9, 2012

This post problably has such high amounts of color and brightness it might cause a seizure. It is no surprise i love greenery, as seen from my photos. But another thing I love even more are flowers. Even before I took pictures of people, i spent my time taking photos of flowers and nature itself. It still is a huge source of inspiration for me.

Today was spent going from one nursery to another looking for flowers to plant in our yard. There were so many varieties of gorgeous flowers in all types of colors and sizes. I have to say that being around beautiful flowers makes me inspired and hopeful. I wish I had a house full of lush flowers in every corner .. from roses to orchids to vines crawling around the walls and windows. It would be a dream, a forever inspiration for my photos (and myself).

Aside from that, for a while I have been wanting to fix my old camera, my first ever camera, the Canon 400d otherwise known as rebel xti. I finally got the lcd screen fixed since it stopped working when I took it to the beach once. Anyways, since then I have obviously upgraded but its still a nice little camera to take out to places since it is better than my bulky 5d to carry around. These photos were shot with the 400d and since I have such a little compact dslr again, I might document my days even more so now.

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