Tuesday, May 29, 2012

So often times when I go through the process of buying/fixing/washing/listing items, I never really record the process. I thought it would be interesting to do it today, since I found a lot of great dresses in bulk. I went on a trip to my nearest thrift store and found an array of similarly colored day dresses, about 8 of them. They are all a different print but similar color palette and design. I was so excited to find them because its summer and what better time to wear a lovely floral getup.

The first step in the process is to hunt for the dresses/tops/bottoms so that means driving about 5-20 miles to destination and search through racks of (most of the time) useless garments or in other cases drive about 10-30 miles to an estate sale. Then comes the deciding factor, whether the items will appeal to buyers or not..this usually takes about 10 minutes of carefully assessing each of them and ensuring they have no serious imperfections. After having decided what to purchase, take it home give it a good wash, which is what I have done here.

Rinse in detergent and scrub off any stains (if there are any).

Soak in water and add fabric softener. 

Due to the delicacy of vintage garments, air drying is safer and more convenient than using a machine dryer.

A closeup of all the colorful prints and buttons.

After having dried the clothes, then comes the process of  ...
  • Correctly measuring all of the dresses in the waist, hip, bust, length and pit to pit and writing them down in the listing.
  • Writing down a description in etsy that thoroughly describes the fabric, coloring and any other aspect of the dress.
  •  Naming and adding tags to the etsy listing to insure they show up on searches.
Once that is done, then comes finding a suitable model, setting up a shoot and shooting the dresses as well as styling them. After the photos are taken, then comes editing them and finally adding them to the listing. Then comes the last part, where you made the sale and its time to package it up and send it through the post office.

Hopefully this isn't such a boring post because as much work as it is, It never really bores me or makes me anxious. I think shopping for the clothes is my favorite part as well as shooting them. Its a lot of work for one person to handle but it is nevertheless fun. I recently hit 202 sales (200!!) which is a huge thing seeing as I did it all on my own for the most part.

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