Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I went to my first estate sale this past weekend after a couple of months of really wanting to attend one. It was in an area not so far from me, so i decided why not. The premise of an estate sale is basically a sale of someones belongings, whether the whole house or certain things. Usually estate sales happen when the owner has passed away or there are other sales called "moving sales" which means that the owners are moving and selling some stuff. Most estate sales only have furniture and decorative items but some also have , awesome clothing!. 

So I was lucky to find this sale which did indeed have clothing up for grabs as well as jewelry, cameras, scarves, furniture, vases and purses. Basically the entire contents of the house, including the car. It is almost like taking a peek into someones life which may sound weird to some people but I like old things.. I like reminiscing and looking and things from other eras and also looking at things from my own past so its no surprise I find estate sales super amusing. I finally washed the pieces and they are ready to be given a new home :].

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