Sunday, May 20, 2012

So this past weekend was my birthday and I was lucky enough to actually celebrate it because often times I am not able to or decide not to. Had a dinner with a couple of friends and ate sushi, these are just a tidbit of the presents i received which were greatly appreciated. Before my birthday, I went to my first estate sale. I have been eyeing the estate sale ads for a while and haven't really gotten the push to go to one but finally on friday I attended one. I got a couple of stuff, as you can see from the jewelry bellow that are mostly pins. But I will have a whole post on it as soon as i can, I am still washing the goodies i found.


 A lovely little book my best friend got me with the cutest illustrations.

 She also got me this chiffon mint green floral print blouse, isnt it so pretty.

 A couple of jewelery pieces i bought from the estate sale, more photos coming soon.

& ofcourse you cant have a party without a cake!.

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