Saturday, June 9, 2012

Summer is here!! That means basically two things, bright colors and anything shorter than the knees. Not only that but cute flats and open shoes. My most recent purchase for my shop gave me a ton of inspiration as far as the summer season. Essentially it is a small season and comes and goes as fast the blink of an eye. Here in Florida summer is basically year round, with small gaps of "cold" weather in between that lasts about 3 weeks the longest. So naturally, I am one to know a little bit about summer.

I am working on some Lookbooks for the shop, which hopefully I will get around to posting and accomplishing. One of the lookbooks I have in mind is a colorful lookbook with my most brightest and funnest printed dresses, blouses, skirts and blazers. For now it is just a thought but before summer vanishes id like to get around to shooting that. Anyways on to the photos...

Colors! 60s Mini dresses, bright florals, and colorful watercolor dresses.

My most recent purchase involved rayon summer dresses, variations of pinks and gingham spaghetti strap maxis.

My favorite summer trend is ofcourse, pastel and floral maxis specially made out of chiffon and off the shoulders.

 Ballet flats are essential to summer, since its such a come and go weather, they are easy to slip on and go about your day.

Another thing I like to purchase in summer are white, cream and pastel blouses with pretty collars. Lace is also appropriate for summer because for the most part it is lightweight and comes in breathable fabrics.

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