Saturday, August 4, 2012

Cupcakes/My week

This past week was pretty hectic for me, but I managed to get a few snapshots here and there of how it went. I also got a film roll developed, from April or March, They didn't come out as great as id hoped but I will post those as soon as I can. I am also attempting to finish my first Canon ae-1 roll from one of the cameras I was given (still trying to get the others in working order) and Hopefully will get to post those as well. Anyways, this is how my week went .. at least how it went being photographed.

Something I like to do once in a while is bake cupcakes, Its always so nice to wake up in the morning and eat them with a cup of coffee.

Purchased new rhinestones for a beauty shoot I will be working on soon (more info on that coming).

Shooting in parks with lakes, ofcourse.

Getting makeup done for a commissioned shoot.

 I took some non fashion photos for a change, after who knows how long.

More parks! This is where I shoot the Fall lookbook, which is coming in a post soon.

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