Saturday, February 2, 2013

Last week

This is what has been happening last week, or should I say .. last month. How time has passed and we are already in the 4th day of February, it is incredible. I managed to accomplished a few things this January and worked on a couple of shoots , which is something to be proud of since getting everyone together to shoot and it coming together seamlessly is a task on its own. I am glad i made the most of January, on to the rest of the year!.

Makeup artist , Jaday on a commisioned shoot.

Lots of clothes to shoot! So excited to find the white wooly vest.

Working on a Tribal-esque shoot, Jessica Rae Anderson as stylist.

Beetlejuice makeup on a Beetlejuice inspired editorial.

Shooting in graveyards!. 

More commissioned shoots bright and early.

Shooting in parks with houses that look abandoned.

Makeup artist Katie working on an editorial.

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