Monday, April 16, 2012

So now that i am able to carry my little rebel xti camera everywhere, I am going to be showing you around my Thrift Store trip. Every 2 weeks or so I hit up my favorite thrift store in search of clothes for my shop as well as for myself sometimes. They have such a huge array of clothing, accessories, shoes, knick knacks, tea cups, books, frames and pretty much anything else you can imagine. Everything is color coordinate in its designated area. 

Since this thrift store is a little bit pricier, due to the high volume of people who frequent the store every day, I only visit it once every one or two weeks. It has a lot of great vintage clothing from 50s-80s and of course current clothes although I cant say I am interested in those. Along the same shopping place, they have 2 other thrift stores that are for furniture and the other one less quality vintage clothing. I still check them out for anything in case because I have lucked out a few times. Anyways here are some visuals..

Like i mentioned, the true vintage dresses range anywhere from 6-59$ specially the beaded ones.

 The rows of clothing are color coordinated so it is much easier to hit the colors you are into and skip the ones you dont like, for example the black dresses.

As well as regular dresses they have a neat selection of vintage wedding dresses and this one is just an example.

Left: A really adorable peter pan collar dress i was able to snatch up for myself   Right: The rows full of china and tea cups that I love to stare at.

One of my favorite things to do is buy really cute and quirky tea cups and this thrift store always has something extremely adorable for my collection, like this one with the row of kitties.

The shoe section is probably the most packed and different and is not only color coordinate but style coordinated, so boots go in a different row.

Although i don't buy a whole lot of knick knacks, i love staring and visualizing all the little cute figurines and shadow boxes that they have for sale.

I hoped you liked this little thrift post or at the least found it entertaining to look at as it is for me. I love reserving a little piece of my day to go thrifting and looking at things past my era, it gives me a sense of nostalgia that feels thrilling to me. I will also be doing another post soon when I visit my favorite goodwill , so will be updating soon.

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