Thursday, May 3, 2012

Heres some little updates of basically my month so far. Around late march or early april I was contacted by RawArtists saying they wanted to showcase some of my photos at one of their upcoming Miami shows so I got around to booking with them and I have been preparing for the show since. They showcase various artists (around 15 more) and also have music & fashion as well as makeup artists/hair. It is just a big event of artistic people showing their work and networking.

I have been thrifting for some lovely gold frames, since I thought it would be the best kind of frames to showcase my work. I thought about getting different types of frames from wood ones to colored ones but ended up choosing only gold frames since they looked more sophisticated and bring my photos to life (or so i think). So far i have about three 8x1- , three 5x7 and four 4x6 and I might think of getting others since 9 prints do not really represent all of my work, since I do have a mix of fashion as well as more conceptual photos. Anyways I will be updating on how the event went as well as a new photos I took yesterday. 

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