Tuesday, August 21, 2012

This week has been a hectic week - trying to shoot as much as possible, getting the vintage clothes in my shop described and measured, taking pictures for my shop, tons of editing and some fun here and there as well.

Went on a mini road trip as the golden sun was coming down.

Adorable kitty who was guarding this vintage designer store.

Working on a colorful shoot. Makeup by BJ.

Shooting for the shop.

Found a small town with lots of antique and vintage stores, this being one of the prettiest store fronts. Who doesnt love vintage 30s mannequins?.

Impromptu shooting while the golden sun was out.

Doing makeup on a big shoot, to be released soon.

Inside an antique store with beautiful statues, upholstered chairs and art deco lamps. 

Touching up the looks. Makeup by Paris Wimbley.

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